Avoid Making This Irrational Mistake Create Your List

Avoid Making This Irrational Mistake Create Your List
Published in : 21 Jul 2022

Avoid Making This Irrational Mistake Create Your List

Avoid Making This Irrational Mistake Create Your List
Don't make the same stupid error as me!

Yes, it took me two years of unsuccessful attempts to market online before I eventually internalized this idea. CONSTRUCT YOUR DAMN LIST! If you are aware of this but haven't taken action, you are wasting your time.

I put in two years of uninterrupted marketing work and established sizable downlines across several platforms. I did make a few dollars here and there, but the real work was digging a deep grave for myself. All of the programs I developed and my downlines are now gone, and I have nothing to show for it. I wasn't marketing myself; I was promoting someone else. I'm not saying that marketing affiliate links is a terrible thing, but think about it: would you rather work hard to push these connections or would you rather promote them from your opt-in list?

Therefore, before you do anything else, develop a website, start a newsletter, and promote both. Long-term, this will save you a ton of time and hassle. By offering free software, ebooks, and deals, you can grow your list. Giving out a popular e-book to new members is something I personally advise.

I'm not sure about you, but I don't want to work constantly in the marketing industry all day. I suppose I could just go out and get a job if I wanted to do that. You probably want to be as lazy as I am and sleep in and get up late, knowing that you will make money either way. So after 25,000+ subscribers, I feel confident doing that. You understand my point even if I'm not saying you can be lazy.

When you can send emails to a few thousand subscribers about affiliate programs or your own programs, it is much simpler to market them.

Here are some more advantages that creating a list will give you.

1. Include pay links in your newsletter

2. advertising your programs or affiliate links stated above

3. Possibility of viral sales

4. Potential for residual revenue over the course of days, weeks, months, and years

5. Potential Joint Ventures with your customers or other webmasters connected to your company

These are only a few advantages of establishing a list of offers; I'm sure you can think of more if you search hard enough.

Be cautious! Once you've created a list, it's up to you to keep it updated. Watch what you recommend or endorse. Maintain your "newsletters theme" mostly. While occasionally straying off subject is OK, try to limit it. Keep in mind that you have a good image to uphold and that your business will suffer if you start offending your subscribers or inundate their inbox with offers.

Create your list carefully and intelligently! Please feel free to look at the link in my signature for the "Optin Master Course" if you don't know how to make a list correctly.

I hope that this clarifies the significance of creating your list and discourages you from making the same stupid error that I did.