Email Subject Line Use Challenges

Email Subject Line Use Challenges
Published in : 21 Jul 2022

Email Subject Line Use Challenges

Prior to sending an email, it's crucial to evaluate its creativity, style, formatting, and subject line length.

Be Innovative

When communicating with people you know or who are awaiting your message, it is best to use a subject line that is particular. How do you capture the interest of a stranger or someone who has no expectations from you?

Be inventive is the answer. A unique subject line is a great way to increase the likelihood that your email message will be opened.

The message's contents aren't stated in the subject line in this case. The subject line is utilized to deliver a different kind of information instead.

What sort of details? It depends on the recipient and varies with each message you send. What might you say to the recipient to persuade him or her to open and read this message rather than deleting it? You may need to use a lot of creativity in some situations.

You can include a variety of information in the subject line to encourage the recipient to open the email. Here are a few illustrations.

(Uses for the subject line) Please introduce yourself.

(Example language): Attorney

Tell how you met this individual (uses as the subject line).

Chamber Networking Breakfast (example language)

Why are you approaching this person? (Uses for the subject line)

(Example language): Fundraiser for the animal shelter

(Uses for the subject line): Identify your unique selling points

(Example phrase) E-commerce attorney

(Uses for subject line): Discover a connection with the recipient

(Example phrase): Fellow IU grad and attorney

Subject lines: Style & Formatting

When creating a strong subject line, you must also overcome a challenge. The topic line's length is relevant here.

You can type as many words as you like in the new message box you see on your screen for the subject line. However, there isn't much room on the receiver's screen. The recipient will only read a limited piece of the message.

How much of the subject line actually shows up on the recipient's screen? It varies according on the individual's system and how the screen is configured. It's safe to assume that between 25 and 35 characters will be displayed.


Pay close attention to this. This range of words is only an approximation. It is a "characters" word.

A letter, a space, or a punctuation mark are all considered characters. One character, for instance, is equal to one space moved by your cursor.


You don't have to enter a full statement because the subject line's space is so constrained. Use a few words or a phrase rather than a complete statement.

An unfinished sentence is appropriate in this situation. Cut all the unnecessary jargon and get right to the point.


Consistency is the only "rule" for capitalization in the subject line. For instance, you can decide to capitalize the first word exclusively. You might also choose to capitalize each word.

Don't forget to avoid using only uppercase (CAPITAL) letters. This is seen as screaming. The worst thing you could do to get someone to open your message is shout at them.

Always keep in mind that your subject lines' inventiveness, style, formatting, and length are crucial things to take into account before sending an email. Use persuasive subject lines to be mindful of the image you convey to your clients and coworkers.